joi, 12 noiembrie 2015

How to Talk to GIrls Online

I'm Rob and I'm a shy guy from Europe who has problems talking to girls, or even looking them in the eyes.

I decided to start slow, by first talking to them online, as practice. The first problem was a simple one: Facebook isn't a good place of practicing my future womanizer self, as it feels almost like it's worse than real life when they can see who you are and everything you thought of posting in the last 5 years.

After a while, I found this great website that teaches you to chat with horny girls so I started there. I think I'm getting good at it but, since the women I meet at the supermarket don't look like they'd like talking dirty from the first second, I'll have to search for some other places.

When I do find another site like that, I'll post it here as I'll be, obviously, documenting this whole online journey.